Download F1 Custom


What is F1 Custom?

The oringinal F1 skin was inspired tby BengTeck, so I can't take credit for that. I made the skin and added all the fancy stuff.

Since it has an aspect ratio, I have a version for 16x9, 16x10, and 4x3 screen resolutions.

Since a lot of things don't have labels, here is the descriptions:

The far left bar is the current gear. You will need to edit the script SCRIPT.GEAR in order for this to work correctly.

The green boxes in the bottom-center is your current speed, 1-10 mph per box.

The orange bar is horsepower (at wheels), the yellow bar is torque.

The box with the green bar at the top-left is the current fuel level.

The steering wheel angle doesn't work, since there isn't any enhanced in DashCommand yet.

New: Different aspect ratio text, trip meter, volumetric efficiency.