Download Car2PC


What is Car2PC?

Control your CarPC from your steering wheel or the car's head unit. Display track number and position on the car's head unit display. Display track title, artist name and album name on the car's head unit display (Not supported on some models).

Of course you need the Car2PC interface hardware to connect your PC to the car's head unit. This Car2PC interface is available for many car makes (see this link for a list). Note: Mazda is not on this list, but it is still available at InDashPc (USA) and CarTFT (Europe) for instance.

For more information about the plugin and the interface, see this link.

The interface uses two separate connections to your CarPC: The mini phone connector connects to your audio output for CD quality sound (no bad quality FM modulation) on your car's stereo. An USB cable connects to one of your CarPC's USB ports and is used to communicate with your car's stereo / head unit. Commands like Next Track, Shuffle, and Fast Forward are send to your PC to control your audio stream or whatever you want to control with it (depending on your configuration). The USB link is also used to send information like track number, Title, Artist, or Album name to the display of your car's stereo / head unit.

To install: Just unzip this file to the Centrafuse Auto Plugins folder. Use the setup page to configure the communication port your Car2PC interface is using.

What are the requirements?

Centrafuse V3.1

Car2PC interface (for any supported car brand)