Download AutoDimmerControl


What is AutoDimmerControl?

AutoDimmerControl is the all-in-one solution for managing the brightness of your primary car PC monitor. Instead of manually having to press the dim button and having limited customization you can now control the brightness of your screen automatically. There are 3 ways to automatically dim your screen:

1. User-selected time: You specify the day and night changeover times
2. Sunrise/Sunset time: ADC uses your GPS connection to determine your sunrise/sunset times
3. Centrafusion/Photosensor: ADC uses my Centrafusion plugin to detect and read a connected photosensor and uses the results to dim/undim the screen

You also choose the level of brightness for day and night. ADC can also switch the CF skin based on the same automatic switches

What are the requirements?

Centrafuse 3.1
Windows XP