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Thread: Auto-Play 1.0 - My new mp3/divX incar app

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    Auto-Play 1.2 - Mp3/DivX incar multimedia application

    Hey all,

    well I finally got around to getting my mp3car/divX application to an initial release. The software is currently called "Auto-Play", until such times I can think of a better title And version 1.0 seemed like a good starting point....

    To sum it up briefly it has been coded in Visual Basic 6, provides mp3 audio playback (through winamp 2.81), visulisations, playlisting/album support, divX video playback (very happy about this), ability to change the GFX/fonts/colors to personalise the look and a all GFX interface with not one VB6 control in sight

    Controls are provided thru either an IRman (preferred method) or a keyboard/keypad.... and thats about it for the moment. When my work load dies down a little I am hoping to get back into it and add more bells and whistles/fixes and improvements.

    Be sure to read the install notes on the website after downloading, since it is a little bit rough around the edges, but once installed does seem to run very smoothly both on my desktop and more importantly in the car.

    Of course if anyone has questions/comments/problems/needs help/bugs (there will be a few I am sure!).... either drop me an email, or just drop a post in here. Hopefully a few of you find it to be useful in your mp3car setups....

    Get it (currently version 1.2) from :

    and now for some screenys to get you in the mood......

    Playlist/Album selector

    Track selector

    Video selector

    mp3 audio playback screen
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    Nice work magnetik! I will dl it soon and let you know what I think.
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    Sweet ! Very nice interface !

    Only two minor problems:

    - the playlistbuild.exe file gets an error reading the time information from one of my MP3s (actually the 3rd MP3 in my collection and gives a fatal error before exiting. Perhaps it could just skip the file and not add it to the collection ?

    - the default path to winamp in autoplay.ini is winamp.exe, if you change that to winamp\winamp.exe then it will work out of the box with the enclosed winamp.

    Have you thought about releasing the source ? I really want to know how you did the smooth slide out/in of the text !

    Cheers, Spud.
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    Playlist generator did not work fo me. .No matter where I told it my mp3s/playlist folders were it would just crash with runtime error 380 'invalid property value'.. maybe im just missing something..

    I had to fake a m3u to get it to work, but once I did....I like.. I like a lot. However, how about the option to have the music still playing when you drop back a menu option? Id like to be listening to the song Im playing while Im choosing another..

    Other than that, looks very promising and I love the slides / effects.. Makes it look very polished.
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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys, im hoping to put a bit more work effort into it in the next few weeks - time permitting

    so to anyone else that wants to give it a shot, please do.. if only to point out a few bugz/errors in the code... version 1.2 will hit the streets soon

    okay now to the feedback...

    * GuRuGod - tried it yet? keen to know your opinions!
    * spud - (1) yeah the mp3 reading code I have is a little shonky, I think I might do what u suggested and just skip bad files at the moment until I can find better quality visual mp3 reading code, or try to fixup what I have. (2) thanks for that, should have relalised! but the problem is if you dont run autoplay.exe from the current dir, say if you were to execute autoplay.exe using the windows shell (eg "shell=c:\autoplay\autoplay.exe") it will fail to find winamp. For the next version im gonna add a fallback to check for a local winamp folder if the default path to winamp defined fails.... allowing your idea to work perfect. The more I think about it, its nice to have winamp under the autoplay folder anyway. (3) not at the moment, sorry.... its still my 'baby' at this time the smooth slide in/out is done by using some good'old math and the sine function - and all GFX are bitblt..
    * Callahan - (1) glad u liked it! I think the problem you are having is that you dont have 'Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0' installed, since I use them for the progress bars during the playlist build procedure.... do a search in for 'mscomctl.ocx', download and regsvr32.exe it into your system. but for version 1.2, im gonna get rid of this control and just use some more bitblt, so this wont be a problem anyway.. (2) Yeah that would be a nice option, but its not something I really would use myself.... will consider it tho, if I run out of other things to do with the software

    so yeah, version 1.2 will be out shortly, fixing hopefully all the bugs the above few guys have found, plus a few more too, including removal of all extra controls, except MSCOMM32.OCX for serial port access.

    If your wondering, I decided not to use an installer/install shileld setup program, since I like to know what files are going where with a install, makes removal easier for one, and lets you know that I aint making bloatware here. And espically for a mp3car OS where the empashis is on faster boot times, I think you would agree that knowing exactly what files are going where is a good thing to know.....

    until version 1.2, enjoy
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    great interface!

    two would not let me change the backround image and also, i can not for the life of me get the video to either locks up the program or gives me a "overflow" error.

    any ideas?

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    Re: Auto-Play 1.0 - My new mp3/divX incar app

    when i try to start mp3carplaylist i get:

    run time error 52
    bad file name or number

    what am i doing wrong? i made a fake .m3u and the program started ok

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    Excellent stuff - have worked most of it out, but I just can't get the playlist app to work. Tried everything you've suggested and more, but still get a 530 run time error I'm afraid. Any ideas?


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    phew!!!!!!! getting some feeback now

    MajikNWA, I think your having the same problems as Callahan in the fact that the playlist generator is looking for the 'mscomctl.ocx' control and cant find it..... grab a copy off the net and register it with regsvr32.exe...... for my next release im definately gonna rip out the need for this control!!!!!! its only used for the progress bars anyway - big deal!

    Jol, double check the paths you have given in 'playlistbuild.ini' that they are correct, and both exist.... remember one is the path to mp3s, the other the folder where u want generated playlists placed....

    and the_spy_guy - what was the problem with the background image?? as long as u overwrite 'background.bmp' with a 640x480 .bmp file, it should be all okay? and more importantly - what version of windows are you running for the video player not to work??? do you have DivX installed/etc? can you see the listing of your divx videos???? give us some more detail so I can nut this one out...

    okay, looks like I have unleased a beast here!! just need a spare moment to kill a few bugs for that 1.2 release!!! hang in there guys - I will deliver ASAP - in the meantime keep the bugs/errors comming along with your system configs/OS's....
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    congratulations magnetik ! great app and it workx for me ( all except playlist maker ) when i try to load own playlist generated with winamp it doesn't work because :
    - your playlist tool makes a playlist file with drive letter like this
    #EXTINF:202,(Rap Francais) Wallen & Shurik'n - Cell
    l:\mp3neue\mp3\(Rap Francais) Wallen & Shurik'n - Cell.mp3
    #EXTINF:193,Bläck Fööss - Ich möch zo Fooß noh Kölle jon
    l:\mp3neue\mp3\Bläck Fööss - Ich möch zo Fooß noh Kölle jon.mp3
    #EXTINF:233,Brings - Super Jeile Zick
    l:\mp3neue\mp3\Brings - Super Jeile Zick.mp3

    my winamp does :

    #EXTINF:74,Dieter Bohlen - Einleitung
    101 dieter bohlen - einleitung.mp3
    #EXTINF:94,Dieter Bohlen - Warum Ich Dieses Buch Schreibe
    102 dieter bohlen - warum ich dieses buch schreibe.mp3

    so is it possible to make your player work with those playlists ?
    because I have a subdirectory for all artists and so i have many playlists ( if i understood your system) - any way to get one with all songs?

    2.) I use my carpc with geforce custom resolution of TVtool which is 7xx*xxx - sorry don't remember )
    so is it possible by makeing a background image of this size to get this res?

    3.) how to make your player catch subdirectories ( have a well sortet movie folder with many subdir's) .

    4.) possibility to change the command keys ?

    So that are my first little suggestions

    So know I'll try it out a bit more ( just crasehd winamp by changing sexyanalyzer propertys

    The Backgroundimage that is changeable is great know i have the same bg that my desktop so that it looks like that the icons are erased and autoplay is know like a transparent overlay

    Many thanks for your excellent soft which will run as soon as I got my driving licence back on my carplayer



    just found probably another little bug: when you press exit (esc) while winamp is running - autoplay exits but winamp continues to paly /EDIT END
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