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Thread: Font Types...?

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    Font Types...?

    Well as I can see Auto play can only display OpenType fonts not TrueType fonts....How can I convert a True type to a OpenType font? Both font types have the same extention (.TTF) but the icons are different OpenFont has a big brown lookin "O" and TrueType has two blue "t"s

    Any one?

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    Re: Font Types...?


    I never gave it much thought really... but it would explain maybe why the font I am using on XP doesnt work on 98lite.. even tho both fonts exist.....

    something else I need to investigate.... I haev been flatout with other things at the moment, but I have a rather big list of changes/fixes that I want to get included.... so version 1.3/1.5 should see quite a few fixes and new goodies I hope...
    Project - GAME OVER :(


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