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Thread: Magnetik, can I "contract" you to write some code for me?

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    Magnetik, can I "contract" you to write some code for me?

    I was hoping maybe you could help me with a part of MediaEngine thats giving me a headache. I am writing a listbox usercontrol that will replace all of mediaengine's hard coded (per form) list code. Right now its just a "label(0).visible=false then load more labels and dump the text onto them" type system. I use a shape for the selection bar. I was hoping that you might clue me in as to how to bitblt a scrolling listbox so that it doesn't look clunky like it does now. Please email me if you are willing to help


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    Re: Magnetik, can I "contract" you to write some code for me?

    ugh... if I only had the time

    work is flat out - and im only now getting the time to get my next Autoplay release ready for the public - currently updating the website and a few final code tweaks - its way overdue too.....

    I dont know how you will use a usercontrol with Bilblit effectively tho.... as you know Autoplay is now 100% DirectX, makes the coding a bit harder than your "classic" VB at times - but obviously gives good flexiblity...

    maybe its time to go fully DX???

    if I do magically get the time (doubtful!) - ill let you know.... ill try to start idiliing in #mp3car a bit more too...
    Project - GAME OVER :(


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