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Thread: Autoplay going in slo mo!

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    Question Autoplay going in slo mo!

    Great work with the nested files/playlists!! Makes a big difference! great feature.. however.....

    The screen resizing!

    I changed the default screen res in auto play to 800x600 so it fills my full screen (as i am running 800 x 600 due to the fact if i go lower or higher i recieve an autoplay startup error see: Autoplay error! A quickie i hope! ) But when i do this autoplay runs realllllllyyy slowly! is wierd all runs ok just in super slo mo!

    does any one have any ideas?

    Audio:Pioneer KEH P6900R, CD multi Changer, CD-RB20 Aux input adapter.
    System:AMD550, 192 Ram, 13Gb HDD, Via Micro ATX, o/b Sound, 32Mb G/c, T/screen In-Dash 7" LCD VGA, IrMan, 120w inverter.
    O/s:Windows 98lite
    Software:MediaEngine 1.7.7

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    Re: Autoplay going in slo mo!

    so it runs fine at 640x480 with the speed???

    hrm.... maybe your CPU is a bit slow.... but I wouldnt think so....
    I think your AMD might even outplay my EPIA 800 in the speed stakes....

    I did notice last week that after I upgraded to the latest Nvidia vide card drivers that my test builds of AP were all slow too (and this is on my desktop XP2000+)

    I downgraded back to an earlier certified build of drivers and it worked fine again.... could it be that? what version of DX are you running.....??
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