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Thread: AutoPlay 1.41 Released 13-April-2003

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    AutoPlay 1.41 Released 13-April-2003

    The 13th, unlucky for some - hopefully not for this AP release. Basically the same, with hopefully a few fixes after some of the trubbles that have been here : AutoPlay 1.40 deletes my MP3s

    • Added some checks to playlistbuild.exe to ensure the playlistbuild.ini specified 'playlistfolder' parameter is not a sub/child folder of the 'mp3folder' parameter.
    • When playlistfolder/mp3folder are on different drive letters, generated .m3u's will now specify the full drive/path to each mp3 file.

    can I get a few of you guys to give this a good test pls!! thx...
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    Very Sweet MAG thx for the quick fix!

    Works awsome!

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    Hey mag, I downloaded this version and played with it (if you will remember I was the guy who had playlist creation problems on 1.40). Anyway, it works perfectly for me as well. The best guess I can give as to why some albums started on song 9 or 2 or whatever was that some album directories had m3u files in the same directory. I deleted all m3u's that werent in use and basically started the program as if I never used it before and it worked perfectly. Again, works great, my only last problem would be the screen changing scrolling effect (optional). And yes, you are correct in that its not slow, its just simply annoying to me (guess you coudl say Im impatient). Anyway, works great, sorry to hear about other's problems with mp3 deletion.
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