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Thread: Able to type on 7" screen ?

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    Able to type on 7" screen ?

    Just wondering how hard it is to type the address when using GPS on a 7" lilliput.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncamara
    Depends which program you're using and how good its on-screen keyboard is.
    CoPilot 8 works great for this. IGujidance's keyboard is harder because the buttons are smaller.
    I was watching a friend use mapoint and AutoPC as a frontend on a 14" screen. I'm wondering how it would work on a 7"

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    the keyboard that is integrated into AutoTouch is great, it works perfectly... the keyboard that comes with Windows is too small... this is even worse due to the fact I am running 800x600 display on a Xenarc... so when you squish it down to the 480 of the screen you get some really small keys...

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    yea i must admit the keyboard integrated into AutoTouch is amazingly easy to use...

    My only complaint is that it works too well I almost dont want to custom mount a


    but it works fine on my 7" Lilli
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