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Thread: Question to AutoTouch Users...

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    Question to AutoTouch Users...

    So it's been a while since I've had time to do any work, and currently I Don't have an installed car system (long story), and since I'm so freakin' busy I don't know when I'll get the system re-installed. So in light of that I've been considering releasing my source code so that you all can have at it and start making AutoTouch even cooler and better than it is. Is anyone interested in taking this projects and running?

    Note: For the moment the Navigation module would not be included because I'm using a 3rd party GPS decoding module and by releasing my source I'd have to release their Lisence code which I use, and I obviously can't do that. So I'm trying to figure out the best way around that.

    The rest of the code is all written with Visual Studio 5.0 and uses the .Net Framework 2.0 and is all c# based.

    If someone really wants to continue the work on this then I'll spend the time it'll take to clean it up and put it out, but if no one actually wants to work with it I can continue on the way I'm doing, making incremental improvements when I have time.


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    I would be interested in the navigation part of it.. how did you have to pay for that license? if its not too much.. I could propably just get a license for it...
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    I think it was around $75 for the GPS tools code, it's Franson's GPSTools. Now I wouldn't need it because .net framework 2.0 has serial port support and I could've written it myself. But then it was necessary. I'm kind of hoping someone wants the whole lot to keep it moving forward, not just to rip into pieces

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