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Thread: Fast Front End?

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    Fast Front End?

    I am about to install a p3 1ghz laptop with 256mb ram

    I have installed and fiddled with centrafuse and i like its layout and styling, and i suppose it runs moderately well (when i click something, it goes there and its not overly sluggish)


    what i really crave is like a commercial touchscreen style system where it is all instant and looks like a beatiful integrated seamless system, not a TS controlling a computer.


    what is a front end that will be really responsive and fast but still look cool and has some good skins. I think centrafuse may be just a little complex for my modest computer. Any ideas?
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    well, if you want speed i think frodoplayer is it. everything loads instantly, even on a slow epia board...

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    please dont double post
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