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Thread: Skin XML Hotspots...

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    Skin XML Hotspots...

    I am working on two skins for AutoTouch - a high contrast skin for daytime use that would be good in bright sunlight, and a lower contrast, and darker skin for nighttime use...

    I'm running into a problem with the hotspots in the XML file though... how are they measured? I have tried pixels, points, even picas, and my measurements still seem to be off - the hotspots do not line up with my graphic...

    Please let me know what type of measurements are used for the coordinates! :-)

    Thanks for this GREAT and speedy front end by the way... for my purposes (playing music, basically) it is awesome!

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    Your skin files need to be at 96 dpi. This is a .net restriction.

    that'll probably make it all happy. Sorry for the delay my machine took a major digger, and then we lost power in seattle for a time.


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