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  1. 2011 Lexus LFA Engine Rev at SEMA 2009 Las Vegas

    by , 11-06-2009 at 01:01 PM
    This isn't really car computing related, but here is some exclusive video after hours at the Lexus booth at SEMA 2009. Apparently there are no other places where you can get a first hand view of the 2011 LFA engine running so we are posting the engine piece now and will post the rest of our video review later. For those of you who are crazy about Lexus, you can download the ring tone on our forums.

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  2. SEMA 2009 - We would like to hear from you.

    by , 10-29-2009 at 01:51 AM
    Stephen Jensen and Robert Wray pack up and head west for Las Vegas and SEMA 2009. Check out our ghost themed video blog post in the spirit of Halloween.
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    • Get in touch with us if you think your product is irresistible and needs some press coverage.
    • Press at mp3car dotty com

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  3. CES 2009 - Car Computing - The Tough Road

    by , 01-14-2009 at 08:27 AM

    The brutal trail to bringing a car computer to market is littered with casualties of failed products. We certainly have gotten run over a few times. Vizualogic's booth at SEMA was significantly scaled down. At CES this year, they have no booth and no published display suites. Audiovox is suing them for patent infringement. Anyone who is bringing a computing product to market better fasten their seat belt. It is a rough ride.

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  4. Magden Linux OBDII & Gauge, Performance Software

    by , 11-18-2008 at 10:43 AM

    Magden has a current business model of selling an x86 PC with their linux gauge software. I can see how this would be great for people who don't want to integrate their own apps and want the power of a computer in their car with less setup hassle. We strongly encouraged the magden team to consider the sale of their software and hardware to the community, even if they release it with little or no support.

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  5. - 2008 SEMA Wrap up

    by , 11-18-2008 at 10:36 AM

    Goce and Rob talk about the highs & lows of mobile computing technology at SEMA 2008. Talk about this Here.

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