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CES 2009 - Dashtop Devices

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by , 01-11-2009 at 06:26 PM (4403 Views)

Dashtop Devices has a demo car here at CES. Here is another example of a car computer hitting the market.

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Being we didn't see the Dashtop unit I would think by their name that they make Monitors that go on "top" of your dash. Right?
Somebody needs to change their name.
Quote Originally Posted by Bugbyte View Post

To make it clear, Dashboard devices thread and video is here!. My response: I would agree! I thought the size of the PC itself was quite striking, plus the fact that it connects via a GSM card, the ability to do a true dual head output (listen to the radio up front while watching video in back), AND the simplicity of the installation made the [HL]Dashtop [/HL]one of the better devices.

Just contrast the mess of cables coming out of the back of the Giantec unit with the single cable connection of the [HL]Dashtop [/HL]product. I really like the Giantec unit because it was self-contained, but it would be more difficult to install than the Dashtop. Watch the video again and look at the [HL]Dashtop [/HL]ISO power connector. That is Plug-and-Play for installation and while I'm not put off by hacking my car's electrical harness, most people are -particularly if it's a leased vehicle that has to be returned to stock.

So, instead of focusing on the software interface, we chose to highlight what was different and better on the hardware side. We would love to have shown you the inside of the Dashtop unit, but they didn't want to reveal it.
I think you might mean dashboard devices. We didn't see the guts of the dashtop device.