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Fiberoptic,, and acquired

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by , 04-01-2009 at 10:52 AM (4906 Views),, and have been acquired by Mr. Jack Smittinghurst, a new mp3car forum user that goes by the name Abolition. The cash only deal was signed late in the evening last night at 6pm GMT for 8 million British pounds sterling. Details of how the money was split are unavailable. Founders of and have been unavailable for comment.

Mr. Smittinghurst is expected to meet later this week in Washington, DC with President Obama’s CTO Vivek Kundram on how this new international mobile computing partnership could help spur growth in the economy and inspire international cooperation.

Mr. Smittinghurst was quoted as saying “We look forward to using technology from the three communities to facilitate “greener” transportation.” We also hope to expand into other markets. Specifically, we hope to use this global technology and community to make international warfare more eco-friendly by documenting and supplying spud cannon parts and accessories through a redesigned store

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it was believable until the end bit of using spud canons for warfare
I knew it was a joke when they did the deal in Sterling. That currency is in the tank.