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New 7 inch DVI touchscreen by lilliput

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by , 05-13-2009 at 12:41 AM (7010 Views)

Lilliput is getting ready to release their new 7" touchscreen that has native DVI and component digital out. Previous models such as the 629 had only VGA, Composite and S-Video.

What is great about this monitor is that it's now extra versatile. They left the pigtail plug on the monitor and just added the extra DVI and component cables. That means you have the option to output to 5 different video sources, DVI, VGA, composite, component and s-video.

The connectors for DVI came out of the bottom of the unit, whereas the pigtail connector came out of the side. So this may affect some installations but just be aware that it *may* be changed.

The digital output was, in our opinion, more defined in terms of the colors. More specifically the blacks were blacker and the whites were whiter.

The only down side we noticed is that the DVI output seemed to have off colors. The ocean in the video seemed very green, even though on VGA it was blue.

All the settings for the test were brightness 50% Green 50% blue 50% and red 50% with a resolution of 800x600. They ran from the same ATI graphics card playing BBC's blue ocean on VLC player.

This product should be coming soon to the mp3Car store, so look out for it.

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Alot of motherboards are now using DVI-D ports, which are 100% digital. Will these DVI screens work? The adapter to convert the screen from VGA to Digital is very costly. I know the new motherboards MP3Car is selling (the ones im buying for the rear) are 100% DVI-D.
Quote Originally Posted by najamul View Post
It seems there are some chinese sites selling this monitor. One I found here
i just chated to the guy who was selling it and this is what he said, "standard spe. is VGA 15pin interface, but now we can product customerly DVI and 5 wire touch"
I am interested to see the price, current searches do not reveal the price yet.

Just a waiting game for now, then some questions for the early adapters and we will know if it performs any better than current models.

I do agree that DVI for such a monitor will not make any difference, specially for the scaled resolutions like 800x600, or using our favourite front end.