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AFKfest 2009 - Will Meyer Car Computer Installation

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by , 08-25-2009 at 10:43 PM (3183 Views)

Rob Wray from mp3Car talks with Will Meyer, member of the mp3Car Forum about his car computer installation.

Will runs Centrafuse along with this space navigator for control, integrated webcam, dashcommand gauges, game emulators and OBD 2 data.

Will has written some custom code to have an display panel on his console update with OBD 2 data and GPS data. He has also written some code that allows him to sms his car to retrieve information such as speed, gps location and OBD 2 data.

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well...i was going to sell my carputer but i can't let you be the only white ms3 with one so i guess i'll finish mine now. lol
i like the finish with the Plexiglas and the space navigator with the buttons. good job
Quote Originally Posted by willmeyer View Post
Hey thanks guys. Man I am a tool on camera. ;-)
I thought you were cute..... OOPS did I say that out loud, LMFAO.......

Anyways I love the finishes. Only thing i hated was that they didnt show the actual PC and were it is. Also I hate those arcade buttons. Every time I see them I think a Tekken Arcade machine is going to pop up. I do see why you used them though, they match 100% with the finish. Can I ask though, why didnt you kill the headunit. I think I recall you saying its digital and has no CD player, I have never seen that before. It is cool it has the little screen with the MAZDA logo, and the red background makes it look technologic. I wish my interior was bling bling like that. If I try to go that route it wont look OEM though, since everyone knows Dodge makes boring interiors, or at least on their trucks they do....