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Crowd Sourcing in Action

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by , 09-10-2009 at 06:17 PM (11487 Views)

If you have never heard of crowd sourced maps, checkout our previous blog post here or an example of a growing Philippine map in timelapse.
At Nokia world 2009, Navteq announced they will be crowdosourcing map, routing, and traffic data. Twice has a good overview. Also see a recent Google's blog entry about google's crowd sourcing strategy.
jKontherun reports that iphone users can utilize but aren't contributing to Google's arterial data. Google was quoted as saying “The Google Maps application that comes pre-installed on the iPhone can display live traffic, but Apple devices do not participate in the traffic crowdsourcing.”
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More discussion on the Wayze Terms of Service is here:
The content on the Waze Service, including without limitation, the maps, map data, routes, text, graphics, skins, icons, photos, traffic reports and User Submissions ("Content") and the trademarks and logos ("Marks"), are owned by or licensed to Waze.
The tools and the application are open, but the map data and routing engine are not.
Maybe it would be good to clarify what is open and what is not.
I doubt their map data is open - and this is why mp3Car needs to be doing a crowd source mapping project.