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Asus EEE Keyboard PC - CES 2010

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by , 01-15-2010 at 04:46 PM (4298 Views)

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The keyboard PC is a brushed aluminum keyboard with a control panel built in on the side. It is a fully functioning pc. It lends itself to home entertainment - you can stream viedo form your coach up to a 15' range. There is an Intel Atom processor and 1gb of memory. There is up to 32 gb of solid state storage for multimedia. It is semi ruggedized with no moving parts and it is designed to move around. There is an antenna for ultra wideband. You can send content to your TV from the keyboard. The battery life is four hours. Retail price will be $599 and it will be available in March on Newegg, Amazon and other online stores.

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I was just surprised by how slow their small overlay was, Maybe it was just when I was playing with it, but there was a 2 second lag time on everything
Yeah, we got into the bios and messed with it a bit. The display however is rotated once windows boots, which means that other OSs might have a bit of a problem getting the display properly set. It's a normal screen set in portrait mode.

The board should support 2gb ram, it's the exact same hardware that's in their eeePC netbooks.
A couple of us got a chance to reboot it and get into the bios, it's a standard intel Atom board, so you can boot off external USB and install Linux or whatnot on it. I like how he did not answer the question on if the board could support more than 1gb of ram . Out of the box it's running Windows XP, with Asus's cute little frontend on top of the desktop.