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mp3Car now Smart Phone Friendly

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by , 03-10-2010 at 02:42 PM (3335 Views)
At long last is now iPhone and smart phone ready.

What does this mean?
Our homepage will flow to fit smaller screens for better viewing. Also, all of our videos* are viewable on the iPhone. Your mobile device may also support the videos as well, they are mp4 640x360 at about 1mbps bit rate. with 44khz AAC.

The forum itself has not changed, but we have future plans in place to make an optimized mobile interface for your mobile posting pleasures.

*Older vimeo videos are not viewable without flash...Yet.

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I can't explain it, you have to use a web app to really understand it. The iPhone will zoom to a DIV when you tap on it and fill the screen just like opera. It doesn't really re-arrange it just fills the phone with the material you clicked on.

But I mean, a LOT of companies make web apps optimized for touch, and they make apps for the app store as well, so though you may not see the point, its obvious there is a reason for it.
Opera automatically re-arranges things when you zoom in to be a single column if you want. So it pretty much already does this. Rotate the phone 90degrees and the column is exactly as shown in the image. Has been for a while. Guess I am just not seeing the new part here unless it is just a workaround for iphone's...
The iPhone sees the forum as you do on your desktop. Its the same webkit engine safari and chrome use. But sometimes on a 3 inch screen you like a site to be optimized for touch for really quick access. will automatically switch to the "mobile" style if you are using a WAP browser, but for smart phones that can display the full web it doesn't do anything. The option 'iphone' is there for you if you want to use it, I won't force anything.