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Fear of the Car Computer

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by , 05-14-2010 at 12:29 PM (2392 Views)
If you haven't noticed, in the last few days it seems that fear of hacking the car's computer is all the rage. Here are a few of the articles published.

NYTime's Carsí Computer Systems Called at Risk to Hackers

Popular Science's Proof-of-Concept CarShark Software Hacks Car Computers, Shutting Down Brakes, Engines, and More

And today, Engadget's Hackers can remotely disable your car's brakes, create sensationalist headlines

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I read your article that is really good and right information about safety our car computers
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I'd say 50% off at best
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The motor industry Block Exemption Regulations were last renewed in 2002 when a number of changes were introduced to increase competition in sales and servicing or repair.

The current Block Exemption Regulations expire in 2010 and the freedom to have your car serviced or repaired where you choose, is under threat.

Could this article, potentially, be used to sway future decision making on Block Exemption Regulations for the motor industry? Is this a tactic to make the data that is essential to fixing your car in the future more elusive and expensive?