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Mp3Car High Brightness Monitor Comparison

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by , 10-11-2010 at 05:24 PM (11365 Views)

From left to right: Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T, Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T-HB-RV, Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T-5HB, Inelmatic XF700HB-USVA2.

The two new Lilliput high brightness models are noticeably brighter in all lighting conditions than the standard Lilliput 669. Reflection on the standard Lilliput 669 is slightly higher. The new Lilliput models offer nice improvements over the standard Lilliput 669 for their respective prices. The Inelmatic monitor is noticeably brighter than all compared monitors in all lighting conditions. Contrast appears better and colors are noticeably more vivid with the Inelmatic. The Inelmatic also benefits from increased vibration, shock, and operating environment specs.

In addition to brightness differences, The Lilliput 5HB model features a 5-wire resistive touch panel that assures more precise touch control. The HB-RV model uses the standard 4-wire resistive touch panel, but includes an exposed wire for auto-switching to a backup camera. The 5HB model has a slightly different touch panel design that doesnt allow it to fit in our double din frame. The HB-RV model does fit in our double din frame and can be fabricated into any one of our direct fit dash kits.

Comparison with iPhone

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Quote Originally Posted by RipplingHurst View Post

A Transflective Marshall can go easily 2K even used, but this one looks good to me:
It's 800x600 which isn't HD yet they claim it is. Hate it when sellers do that.

The 10.4" I had in my Yukon is much better than that screen and it was "only" $580 LOL
I found that lillput promotes thei rnew 7 inch tablet display for car use
Comply with IP65 Standard!
LCD Panel PC for Industrial Application
All hardware and software can be adjusted to your requirements.

7" WinCE PC with touch function
A sheet of Aluminum as radiator
Memory with SD Card
USB interface 2
RS232 interface 4
Earphone output
Multi-language OSD
Multi-media Player
Microsoft Office Viewer
WLAN: Wi-Fi 802.1.1b (external) (optional)
GPS (optional


7" Wide TFT LCD
Touch Function: 4-wire resistive panel
Resolution: 800480 (1,152,000) pixels
Aspect ratio: 16:9
OS: Windows CE 5.0
CPU: Samsung S3C2416, 400MHZ
Memory: 2GB Flash ROM + 128 MB DDR2
Data Storage: SD card/USB Flash Memory
Expansion Slot: SD card, support SD/IO (Up to 4GB)
Transfers Surface: USB 1.1 and Mini USB 2.0
Speaker: 1W
Working Temperature: -10-65C
Storage Temperature: -25-80C
Power Supply: DC 12V
Dimension (mm): 188L114W35D
Weight: 615g

13-pin to 4RS232 and Power cable 1 Piece
USB Cable 1 Piece
DC 12V Home Power 1 Piece
Touch pen 1 Piece
Driver Disk 1 Piece
Operation Manual 1 Copy
Thanks. Big mistake I did was to buy expensive AG shields for my tablet and iPad. I think they look better without them, the AG really diffuses the sun light all over the screen...does not look good.

I'm looking everywhere for a good screen.

I guy I know is into shooting HD movies with his DSLR commercially. He was looking into a well built outdoor screen, rugged. He is looking into Marshalls, but not the transflective ones at first - those can be very expensive. He bought a box where he'll put the laptop in protected from the sun just to make sure the filming was good, so that is not essential. It's just for the focus.

SO besides $2K Marshalls, he is considering something like this:

A Transflective Marshall can go easily 2K even used, but this one looks good to me: