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The future of UI

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by , 10-27-2010 at 11:05 AM (11205 Views)

I can begin to imagine a world where we manipulate computers instead of interact with them. This idea of being able to navigate the computer world, and have the computer understand space is not new, but its not accomplished.

If it really is possible to get this type of system in a laptop say, without gloves, (even with gloves is fine with me) then we could see the next serious change in computer-human interfaces.

Imagine what it would be like to create a 3d model of say a car, and be able to sculpt the model as if it was real. Even have some kind of actual feedback so you still get the feeling. But then you ask, why is going so digital so important. Well, sure a clay model is great, but having the history, having the undo ability, having multiple collaborators around the world, all these are possible in a digital world.

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Digital? Analog is the way.
It's only digital for now....
can't wait. I think with future technology internet is going to be our bottleneck for a little while. The US is lagging pretty far behind. Maybe that google fiber optic 1gigabit internet will come to the US soon.
I agree with his statement, "It's been 25 years. Can there only be one interface? There can't. There can't."

Killer app? One word. Games.