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Ultra-compact Trim-Slice computer released

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by , 05-02-2011 at 04:15 PM (9547 Views)
Compulab has just released their new ultra-compact, ultra-portable Trim-Slice desktop computer, packed with features and available to ship. It runs on a trickle of power (less than 3w) that powers a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU and 1 Gb RAM, as well as a 32 Gb SSD, 4 USB ports, Bluetooth, Ethernet, dual 1080p HDMI ports, and an SD card slot—all packed into a tasteful metal case that is only .6” thick. Its three models range from a barebones version priced around $200 (that lacks some of the above features) to a decked out $320 Pro model.

While the hardware seems to have mass-appeal, the software is a work in progress. Trim-Slice was designed to entice software developers to make the most of this device, so Trim-Slice is encouraging the general consumer to hold off until the software matures into a more accessible version. What would you use a Trim-Slice for? Use applications could include media computers or one of the smallest car PC’s on the market.

For more info, visit their website.

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Quote Originally Posted by Chester View Post
There's still time to change the design again HiJack!! *grin*
LOL, your right, but I hate to say it, but im getting tired of the Car PC thing, or should I say building the hardware. I want to be at the software stage, but because I've been so A.D.D with the hardware, I don't feel like im moving forward. Plus I don't want to waste anymore money, lol. I may get one of these for my lovers car though. I really dont feel like building a CAR PC for him, with this I would just put it in and im done.
There's still time to change the design again HiJack!! *grin*
OMFG, this would have been great for what I want to do! To bad ive already commited myself to what I am doing now!