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AFKFest Update: Three tech-guys walk into a bar...

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by , 07-19-2011 at 05:06 PM (6859 Views)

Our thinking about this year’s AFKFest had become so uptight--we needed a change of perspective. We needed... a violent bolt of inspiration. The wheels somewhere in Rob’s head were turning... slowly at first, but picking up speed..... Then, it happened. Kaboom. Back to our roots, back to the community; something exciting, something.... of the community, by the community, and for the community.

A Hackathon. (Not)

We were immediately worked up into a fervor about the idea. With the level of expertise in this community, and poised on the brink of a revolution in mobile apps, car computing, and software/hardware design, we were pretty amped. Once we settled down a bit, Rob tapped this more tempered description on his keyboard while the idea was still in its infancy:

"Hey everyone. We're doing a hackathon on the Sunday after AFKFest to create some amazing software and/or hardware using existing SDKs. The day will be devoted to collaboration between software/hardware engineers, project managers, and designers. We're interested in knowing what SDKs you all would like to work with. Any ideas? What companies are you the most interested in working with right now? And they don't need to be necessarily associated with car computing.

We know Centrafuse (and other companies) will be there with their SDK."

What can we accomplish in a short period of time, fueled by collaboration, CARisma and coffee? The sky’s the limit, but one thing is for sure: this thing will live or die based on your input and participation. Let’s see what kind of amazing concepts and ?????? we can come up with. I can barely sit still. To get started, let’s hear what you think. Post a comment, ask a question, let’s get this conversation started.

[Photo by Flickr user marycoit82]

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Really don't want to post this here...So I am not allowed to post in classifieds and am not 100% sure of quantities yet, but I will have some extra sounds deadener left over that I would be willing to sell cheap at the event, else I will be returning them after. Most likely 1-2 boxes of dynamat and several sheets of MLV (mass loaded vinyl). If anyone is interested, PM me and I can bring it along. I also have some spare drives I may be bringing along as well.

Edit: Also in a race against time, but if you need cars I should have a display and sounds. (Hopefully +subwoofer) Minor crunch for time but might be able to get off work the 23 to detail the car. (Although every time I spend 5+hrs detailing it rains :/)
Still have the occasional accident. Usually Mal is there for moral support more than anything else. Plus he likes to watch?
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