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Recap of a Jam-Packed Tegra Powered CES Day 1

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by , 01-09-2013 at 12:29 PM (11657 Views)

Tablets, telematics and gaming dominate the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show! The highlighted hardware of the show so far seems to be the brand new Tegra 4 processor from NVIDIA. The processor was on display in a series of touch displays ranging in size from 5 to 50 inches, and was shown at the heart of the new wave of gaming platforms and digital dash displays. Could the days of a Tegra-based ready built automotive platform finally be here?

Other quick hits and misses from Day 1.

-Parrot Corp has again invaded CES with a variety of embedded automotive systems. Last year I highlighted the Double-Din Android powered Asteroid system, which has seemingly been replaced by a host of new Asteroid line products. More information soon!

-US Globalstat, makers of the popular BU-353 USB GPS module, have released a series of automotive automatation devices aimed at bringing OEM vehicle accessibility to the aftermarket.

-Electrobit had a live demo of their EB Street Director, a QNX based telematics navigation platform. This new package, built specifically for the "Connected Car", allows real-time information updating from online content into the navigation system.

-Vehicle Telematics and Digital Health seem to be growing components of what CES is about. Various vendors have released new lines of Telematic devices, ranging from Belkin to Verizon. Seems telematic systems will soon be mainstream.

-Seemingly every automotive electronics affiliate misses our very own Rob Wray!

-Double-DIN computing platforms are all but extinct this year. It appears that vehicle design engineers have successfully phased out the days of simple add-on systems.

-Not much has been updated in the world of 7" touchscreen.

-Windows CE 6.0 is still seemingly a viable platform for embedded systems.

Much more information and photos to come!

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WinCE is still used in 90% of Chinese head units as well. It is hard to believe that it has been around this long. Luckily things are slowly moving to Android.

Did you get a chance to see the Tesla set up at the show? It had a 17" friggin touchscreen in the center console. I got to play around with it a bit, and got a nice demo from one of their guys. I have a rough video I took while he was talking if anyone is interested in seeing it.

Here is a screen capture from the Video:

Attachment 68667
There is something very interesting on display at CES to check out.

Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall, Booth #730

It's a Delphi MiFi to OBDII Bluetooth 4G adapter to do everything on smartphone or tablet for that matter. Check this out for us please!

They also have a color heads up display that is on a transparent screen, and some kind of full blown navcom tablet.
WinCE - it's all about the Benjamins. I did a project for Ford last month that was based on WinCE 6.0. With lower licensing costs, "just enough" performance, and a well establish development ecosystem, WinCE remains a viable platform for a lot of industries. And I complain about how old WinXP is!