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July 30th - The New Mp3Car Blog

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by , 08-01-2008 at 09:43 AM (1991 Views)
The Mp3Car Store is launching a blog on the homepage to provide more up to date information to Mp3Car supporters. To kick off the blog, each day a different member of the Mp3Car team will introduce themselves and blog a bit on what it is they do every day at Mp3Car.

Why a Blog?
So much goes on behind the screen. With a blog, the Mp3Car team can let people know what is going on, as it happens, and provide a better sense of what Mp3Car is all about all in one central location.

What can you expect to read about?

There will be 5 main tags to start:
  1. In and Around Mp3Car– posts under this tag will let people know what is going on in and around the Mp3Car office.
  2. Mp3Car Forum News - this section will provide information on forum development, promotions, and members.
  3. Product News - any and all information related to particular products will be provided such as product launches, updates on stock, and product retirement
  4. Tech Support – this section will provide posts on tech support tips and work-arounds as well as examples of how we have learned what to do or, in some cases, what not to do. There will also be suggestions regarding where to find technical information in general.
  5. Mp3Car Store Projects – this section will provide pictures and descriptions of projects and answer questions such as, what was the Mp3Car team doing last spring for a few days instead of shipping orders?

Why not just use the forums?

The forums are massive and full of important information, however, often we are answering the same question a few times in different forums, and people still feel left out. We will continue to provide information within the Mp3Car Forums, but the blog will be an easy way to get up to speed on what is new, or what is going on with a product. We will also be able to let people know more about ourselves as well as the people and companies that are helping to grow this hobby.

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