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Mp3Car Offers Customers Greater Choice – Centrafuse Front End Added to Line-Up!

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by , 07-15-2008 at 11:06 AM (2114 Views)
The Mp3Car store strives to be the leading online source for cutting edge, low power computing technologies. The addition of Flux Media’s Centrafuse infotainment and telematics interface is yet another step in offering a diverse selection of products specific to the low power computing market.

With over 200 products in stock, the Mp3Car store is searching every day for that next innovation, collaborating with leading companies and innovators from around the world. The Mp3Car store was created to meet the overwhelming demand among hobbyists for products that allow mp3s to be played in the car. Today the Mp3Car store supplies car computing hobbyists with products that allow them to do far more in the car than just play mp3s. Hobbyists use their car computers for navigation, infotainment management, and real time engine tuning just to name a few applications – and we are just getting started!

“Mp3Car has come a long way – growing with the car computing hobby,” says Heather Sarkissian, Mp3Car Manager, “We are really excited to offer Mp3Car customers the opportunity to choose – in this emerging market it will be the choices of customers that define the future of low power computing. We are pleased to offer Centrafuse as a front end that has been designed with extensive input from the hobbyists on the
Mp3Car Forums.”

And what do the guys from Flux Media/Centrafuse say about joining the Mp3Car store?

“We are very excited for this opportunity to offer Centrafuse as part of the Mp3Car store line-up of cutting edge products. Mp3Car is an ideal distribution partner for us as knowledge leaders in the mobile computing space.” says Reagan Cooper, Director of Channel Sales at Flux Media.

The Centrafuse Mobile Desktop™ is a complete software front end for Windows XP and Vista-based mobile PCs such as the CarPC and the Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC). Centrafuse seamlessly integrates entertainment, navigation, and communication functions into an intuitive user interface designed for safe and easy touch and voice control. With Centrafuse, you will have quick and easy access to all of your music, pictures and video as well as GPS navigation, AM/FM radio & Satellite radio with pause/replay, DVD, Bluetooth phone integration, WiFi manager, web browser, email, engine diagnostics and much more, all easily accessible with the touch of a finger.

Interested in buying Centrafuse now?

Follow this link and add your desired edition to your cart!
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