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Blog topic Suggestions - post here.

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by , 09-26-2008 at 10:52 AM (1820 Views)
We created this blog, to provide forum members a better sense of what we do at Mp3Car and share information on some of the projects we are involved in or are observing.

If there is a topic we should make a point of blogging more about, such as a certain type of hardware, or a particular product or project, or even innovator that would be good to blog about, just let us know and we will look into doing a blog on it.

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Over the weekend, Ecog worked on updating the Mp3Car Forum and made an addition.

Social Bookmarking is now possible - see the screen shot. For any thread, you can choose to Digg it, add it to your account, bookmark it in Technorati, Furl it, share it on Facebook or add a Yahoo bookmark. We expect that this change will help forum members track information on car computing, do research, and get more people contributing to the Mp3Car Forum.

And, as a side note, CarPC Specs has been updated, and edits to your CarPC Specs are now simple to make.

Stay tuned to this Mp3Car Forum News tag for more updates and additions over time. And give us feedback on this new feature in the Mp3Car Blog Talk section of the Forums.