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mp3Car Forums Recognition Award - you won

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by , 04-30-2009 at 10:51 AM (3139 Views)
Thanks to Seagate - mp3Car had 3 EE25.2 80GB ST980817AM hard drives to hand out to forum members for their contributions to the mp3Car community. It was a hard decision, but the mp3Car forum moderators selected Malcom 2073 for his work on creating a Fusion Brain driver for Linux and DarquePervert for his valuable contributions across the forums.

Other members in the running for awards were:

Civic Modz for his creation of the EyeR

Clockwork for Open source FE Driveline

Chunkyks for OBDII GPS logger for OS X and Linux so thanks for your contributions!

Also - there was an open contest on the forums, for whomever could do something cool to support the community. GizmoQ plans to attend 2-3 meets per month this spring and summer - so look out for him at your local meet, he already made his way via plane to one here in DC.

There will be more forum recognitions to come so the mods are on the look out for contributions - not quite up to giving away a car yet, but just maybe someday we will get there.

And if you have any suggestions for who deserves an mp3Car recognition award in the future - let one of the moderators know.

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Yes, i was definitely considering nex.. he certainly has a knack for these things. That deville dash looks amazing!
Ditto again for Nexon, here's what he did for me and my Deville:

Nexon fabbed the bezel, Phoenix Imaging coated it.

Of course, anything TurboCad does makes the top of any list too!
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Ditto, I was about to put his name down.