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Blog topic Suggestions - post here.

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by , 09-26-2008 at 10:52 AM (1821 Views)
We created this blog, to provide forum members a better sense of what we do at Mp3Car and share information on some of the projects we are involved in or are observing.

If there is a topic we should make a point of blogging more about, such as a certain type of hardware, or a particular product or project, or even innovator that would be good to blog about, just let us know and we will look into doing a blog on it.

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Yes, i was definitely considering nex.. he certainly has a knack for these things. That deville dash looks amazing!
Ditto again for Nexon, here's what he did for me and my Deville:

Nexon fabbed the bezel, Phoenix Imaging coated it.

Of course, anything TurboCad does makes the top of any list too!
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Ditto, I was about to put his name down.