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Hyundai Genesis Apple Mac book / air / mini explosion & Sneak peek

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by , 11-04-2008 at 11:13 AM (1509 Views)

Everyone has been setting up for SEMA for the last 3 days. I happened to walk by the Hyundai booth yesterday while one of the vice presidents was rehearsing for their 9:30am press conference today. They had the usual un-blanketing of cars and performance celebrities there to talk. What I was really there for was the car computer geerkery. The real details about this project will have to wait until Tuesday when the real press conference starts, but here are some sneak peek photos.

I am already slightly disappointed with the mac install. It seems like more of an attempt to get press than a functional implementation. I saw one of the macbook airs plugged into an AC port which would imply no ignition integration. It is always harder to put in a DC-DC regulator. Why do installers just use inverters especially on a high profile car like this? Is it laziness or unknown technical mojo that is driving this?
Answer this question and talk about this install on our forums.
If there is hot mobile computer tech at SEMA that we havenít written about, Let us know.
For you Hyndai or Genesis addicts I posted a quick 1m video of their VP practicing, unveiling a car and doing a quick dance. See the forum post for more details.

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Quote Originally Posted by fabworks View Post
After watching the interview video of the fabricator, I really believe that he had not clue that there was another way of doing it. I have a friend who has his own shop and for some reason they love those inverters.
People love "known quantities". It is easier than taking a chance or learning a new product, good or service.

It is kind of like how some people love fast food over those amazing local corner sub shop. They know the food is always "ok". Sometimes you will get no pickles, but it always gets there in less than 10 minutes and the cost is always the same know mater where you are.

Maybe that is a bad analogy, but this vehicle wasn't made to be a daily driver.