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Fusion Brain Version 4

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by , 11-17-2008 at 11:59 AM (2366 Views)

Designed with the supprot and feedback of our community, the fusion brain guys have done it again At midnight EST today they released version 4 of their fusion brain control center.
Improvements over Brain v3:

  • 16 Digital Outputs
  • 13 Analog Inputs
  • Selectable Power Source (USB or 12vDC Jack)
  • 30% smaller form factor (70mm X 45mm)
  • Better power filtering and protection
  • Ability to update firmware via USB
  • Ability to update firmware via ICSP header in event of bootloader corruption
  • Improved signal routing for analog inputs
  • Pulse Width Modulation, 256 steps with 42uS minimum pulse width (may need firmware update, provided free and uploadable over USB)

Previous versions of the fusion brain have been used for:

Buy Fusion Brain Version 4
Fusion Brain Version 4 Manual
Discussions about Fusion Brain version 4 on our forums

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now they just need to actually release that version they show on that video.