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CES 2009 - Writing From the Press Room

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by , 01-08-2009 at 12:10 PM (1557 Views)

The CES 2009 show floor opens today. We are writing from the press lounge on the show floor and our first video is uploading now.

For this show, our main areas of focus:

  • In Vehicle, mobile computing technology
  • Audio, specifically amplifiers with optical or digital inputs
  • New Display Technology
  • What technology can be transported from Home theatre into car computing?
  • Car Computer Software

Expect a few slightly off topic eccentric things as well.

Talk about this on our forums or give us tips on what to shoot here:

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Today we are on the ground in Las Vegas getting ready to kick off our video coverage of CES. While the CES vendors setup their booths.

We were invited to attend Telematics seminar about 17 miles outside of the city which has round tables, panels and debating the future of communications and technology in cars. We have already heard some interesting things today that I will write about more as the day progresses.
The hottest debate of the morning, as it always has been, is what role can carmakers play in Telematics? How can carmakers play with rapidly evolving consumer electronics products driven by massive economies of scale and a tremendous selection of features and vendors.

What value-add do carmakers really bring to car technology? Should they just have core safety features, vehicle data outputs, input devices and get out of the way for aftermarket devices?

Talk about the Telematics seminar and CES on our forums.
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