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CES 2009 - Airbiquity

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by , 01-13-2009 at 09:24 AM (2203 Views)

Airbiquity is the data link technology behind Ford Sync. What is exciting you ask? You can use any cell phone from any carrier to get 800bps of data to your telematics solution. Even if you have a nasty phone carrier like ATT or Verizon that doesnít permit tethering, Airbiquity's technology will use your Bluetooth hands free profile to pull down the data you need or make an emergency call. In my opinion 800bps will cover the majority of remote data needs until you reach a broadband link. Lots of innovative stuff can be done with technology at very low costs due to the ability to leverage consumers existing devices.

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This product might actually have been around for a few years but we havenít seen people talk about it on our forums. We werenít able to make it up to their booth before the show closed, but there units are all hand made in Italy. If Audison reads this, we would love to borrow one for a few weeks to test it and compare it to the Focal Amp. We found a website showing a price of 3,000 Euro. As a non-audiophile, the big advantage I can see here over the focal unit is that this unit has 4 channels. If we can get both units in for testing it would be fun to do a side by side comparison.