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CES 2009 - Small Computers

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by , 01-14-2009 at 08:29 AM (3104 Views)

It is amazing how small, cheap and low power computers are getting. The show floor was littered with them so we took a sample of one in this clip below. Running a quicktime MOV on the faster unit in this movie took up 60% of the CPU so some testing is probably in order. Over the last 12 years of working on computers I have seen tons of motherboards. Even some that are very expensive from big name companies can be riddled with driver problems or other small quirks.

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The brutal trail to bringing a car computer to market is littered with casualties of failed products. We certainly have gotten run over a few times. Vizualogic's booth at SEMA was significantly scaled down. At CES this year, they have no booth and no published display suites. Audiovox is suing them for patent infringement. Anyone who is bringing a computing product to market better fasten their seat belt. It is a rough ride.