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CES 2009 - WiFli iphone RDS

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by , 01-14-2009 at 08:31 AM (5529 Views)

We were ambushed by this company’s PR team in the central hall of CES 2009. We thought the last thing we need to do is talk about yet ANOHER iPod accessory. We saw the product again in the Sands show case and decide this was worthy of a story. It would be great to test one of these guys. Let us know if you have tried one.

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Yeah,,i like to have one..
it depends on how heavy your applications are and if you can use the native video decoding/encoding hardware. that is a very complicated answer. You should buy one and test it.
How powerful are these computers? Say I wanted to pull in a couple video signals from cameras as well as some telemetry data running on LabView, would it be able to keep up?