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CES 2009 - WiFli iphone RDS

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by , 01-14-2009 at 08:31 AM (5527 Views)

We were ambushed by this company’s PR team in the central hall of CES 2009. We thought the last thing we need to do is talk about yet ANOHER iPod accessory. We saw the product again in the Sands show case and decide this was worthy of a story. It would be great to test one of these guys. Let us know if you have tried one.

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The future is NOW!..this is the most interesting feature that i would add up to my car..
Where's the video? What's the password?
Quote Originally Posted by HiJackZX1 View Post
So can this also get Internet to the car? I'm just curious because currently I slingbox my sattv which has about 250 plus channels. The antenna is very small. Down side is I have to pay $60.00 a month to Sprint to be able to do so. Also when driving fast the connection can become flaky.
There are a couple of things to note about the ICO demo.

Does this supply internet?
Not as we think of it. There is a bi-directional data pipe that will allow for services like traffic, weather, movie times, train times, instant messaging, interactive TV and others. It has not been decided which of these features will be included with the final product when it launches.

Can I buy the software?

No. We made this just for ICO. We will make more videos of this later to give people an idea of what we have been working on.