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Mp3Car Community Innovations - Best of Dash Fabrication - 10/03/08

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by , 10-03-2008 at 02:30 PM (4805 Views)
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written by vtecfelon23

If any of you have ever tried to make your own dash piece for that pretty little monitor that you just got, you know that it takes a lot of time and patience to get everything right. Chances are, you are going to have to pull out the Dremel and mutate the factory plastic. There’s not to much room for error either, so there’s no turning back. I have seen much advancement in bezel construction over the years, and I have seen some truly remarkable creations. Plastic, bondo, fiberglass, wood… there are so many different ways I have seen people do this.

Often times we get carried away with visioning completion, and neglect to address minor flaws. We deal with these blemishes as they do no impact any function. But every time you reach across to change the song or reroute your destination, that little irregularity stares right back at you. It might even haunt your dreams. There is no sense in losing sleep over this, it is just going to require a little extra sanding, filler or paint. You could have prevented it from the start with a little extra diligence. Crafting a bezel is an art and not everyone can be like Matisse (or TurboCad). It’s not always about perfection and achieving that “factory look” but having a vision and making it real.


-Plan Ahead

-Measure twice, cut once

-Always have lots of sandpaper on hand

-Let it dry/cure

-Consider a backup plan

Here are my Fav 3 custom fab jobs, these guys really dedicated a lot of time an effort to acheive the perfect dash:

Monkeyracer - Great example of how time and dedication really pays off when it is all said and done. Also the author of a few RoadRunner skins.

TurboCad - I consider TurboCad Mp3Car’s grandfather of fabrication. He has done some really amazing work, and been around for a while too. - This guy went a slightly different route, none the less, really took time plan everything out.

What are your top three fab jobs? Post them here! In the Mp3Car Blog Talk section

Check out the Fabrication forum for more tips and inspiration.

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