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Best of mp3Car May edition

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by , 05-14-2009 at 11:11 AM (8925 Views)

Best of community innovation and development

Ride Runner

New Skin

The community is helping DocBreezy bring a sleek new skin, named '506' to Ride Runner. by DocBreezy.

In addition to suggestions and beta testing, Treetop, Thunderstick, blk02si, Sonicxtacy02, GizmoQ, carputer1are lending a hand with advice and code support to bring it along.

506 also builds on the flexible plug-in architecture of Ride Runner by using:
- RRGas -Enforcer's gas price finder for US and UK
- Movietimes - a plug-in that retrieves movie times for your zip code (US only)
- Coverjuke - an implementation of Coverflow for Ride Runner.

Control your phone in Ride Runner. MyMobiler is a Windows mobile phone control program that can be controlled from the skin.

Skype for RR

Member lambosprit is at it again. As if solving the bluetooth problem wasn't enough, lambosprit has a basic plug-in for Ride Runner that brings Skype functionality to the car PC. It makes and receives calls between both Skype users and external phone numbers. Check it out.


Member pcpete has developed a plug-in for Ride Runner called Covermess. It's a Flash app that displays your albums in a pile, as if they were real CD's. You can select and play music from them, similar to the Coverflow display on an iPod. Check out the video in the first post for what it looks like. A really nice bit of programming!

Community Development

Linux ICE and nGhost

Just in case you don't hang out on forums 24X7, you may not be aware that there is a flourishing open source car PC environment for Linux called nGhost.

Version 2.0.0 is details are available here and kev000 is one of the lead developers for a team of like minded community members including:


among others. You can find the nGhost download here

Shift by wire

Automated P-R-N-D-L - Member turbocad6 is at it again with a plan to replace his automatic shifter. The community has been tossing around ideas about how to do this and ways to implement it. Right now, it looks like an Arduino board and a linear actuator will do the job for push button shifting. Got something to contribute? turbocad6 will need help programming and engineering. Check it out.

Towards a more flexible front-end.

The front end is the software that ties together all of the functions that the computer offers into an easy to navigate and control 'face' for using the computer while driving. There are numerous front ends (Ride Runner, Centrafuse, nGhost, Streetdeck as examples). This thread is a brainstorming discussion about how to create a more flexible front end that requires less configuration and tinkering yet runs across platforms. If you've got ideas or want to see the community at work on an idea, stop by and check it out!

Lovely when a plan comes together. Check out member malcom2073's new front end, CarPal. The community is helping him to lay out a plug-in scheme for the front end, and Sonicxtacy02 is working on a skin for the new front end. A great example of the community helping to develop a software product.

The Unexpected

From spud cannons to automated pyrotechnics controllers the community continues to innovate and develop new and very unexpected uses for hardware. Find out how a plastic toolbox and a Fusion Brain = pyrotechnics controller.

The Fusion Brain is one of the most popular hardware add-ons for community members. Developed by two of the community members, 2k1Toaster and greenman, the FB allows your computer to interface with the outside world in both analog and digital fashion. Using standalone software, the FB can be programmed to read temperatures, control relays, stepper motors, infrared sensors and so forth. Car PC'ers use them to operate windows, switch relays on and off, read temperatures and even control Christmas lights on their car

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Alot of motherboards are now using DVI-D ports, which are 100% digital. Will these DVI screens work? The adapter to convert the screen from VGA to Digital is very costly. I know the new motherboards MP3Car is selling (the ones im buying for the rear) are 100% DVI-D.
Quote Originally Posted by najamul View Post
It seems there are some chinese sites selling this monitor. One I found here
i just chated to the guy who was selling it and this is what he said, "standard spe. is VGA 15pin interface, but now we can product customerly DVI and 5 wire touch"
I am interested to see the price, current searches do not reveal the price yet.

Just a waiting game for now, then some questions for the early adapters and we will know if it performs any better than current models.

I do agree that DVI for such a monitor will not make any difference, specially for the scaled resolutions like 800x600, or using our favourite front end.