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DashCommand for iPhone

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by , 07-07-2009 at 11:24 AM (4985 Views)

Sean from mp3Car reviews DashCommand for iPhone from Palmer Performance.

DashCommand stems from its window's counterpart that has been long since in car computers. It offers a wireless connection to your OBD2 port to bring you a ton of engine diagnostic tools.

With DashCommand for iPhone you can see all your available PID's in multiple skins, follow your acceleration and braking, see your g-forces going around turns, read your car's angle while driving, and keep all of this data for a log.

The only downside to DashCommand is that you can't swipe between screens, and that you need to tell it to switch to landscape or portrait mode before the sensor graphics look correct. That is because you will be able to customize the dash boards in later version.

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if it were THAT simple.. there'd be someone on this board with it done already... and they'd probably be selling it as well. Having used this board for 2 weeks now i can say its easily the most hassle-free hub i've used in the car since starting this hobby. You set it and it handles usb devices the same way every time. Not many usb hubs available give you that kind of reliability in the automotive environment
How do I get this 12v hub to power on without supplying it an upstream USB connection? I.e. I want it to turn on when +12v is sensed on the Acc wire.
Quote Originally Posted by Fiberoptic View Post
You must have the p5usb plugged into a host device before it gets power. Also please see the technical documentation on the first three links of the product description here if you haven't already.
THanks! THat advice made me double check my USB cable and it looks like I had a bad one. Replaced it and all is good.