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OLED - The past present and future

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by , 07-24-2009 at 04:40 PM (4505 Views)

Rob Wray from mp3Car interviews Mark Shanks from Toupled about OLED and respond to question from m3pCar forum members.
They discuss the history of OLED, the challenges they face, how they work, and why they are superior to LCD.
There are a lot of possibilities with OLED including flexible surfaces and transparent applications.

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Oh, sure. There's lots that would work, just search around a bit. I'd suggest searching the forums on for "vga"

Gary (-;
Quote Originally Posted by chunkyks View Post
You can get a USB to VGA adapter, or if you haven't bought a plug yet, globalscale [the same manufacturer as made the plug I reviewed] have a new product called the "guruplug display" that will probably meet your needs:

Gary (-;
In order to use the adapter I would still need compatible drivers to output the video through the USB port.