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AFKfest 2009 - Shaun Newman - Car computer install

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by , 08-27-2009 at 09:10 AM (4384 Views)

Rob Wray from mp3Car goes through Shaun's car computer install. Shaun has a fusion brain to control temperature, a 4-way line-in splitter, a CarNetix USB hub, a mic for voice commands, a camera for skype, audio amplifiers, this car is loaded!

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Updated 09-17-2009 at 03:49 PM by optikalefx

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well...i was going to sell my carputer but i can't let you be the only white ms3 with one so i guess i'll finish mine now. lol
i like the finish with the Plexiglas and the space navigator with the buttons. good job
Quote Originally Posted by willmeyer View Post
Hey thanks guys. Man I am a tool on camera. ;-)
I thought you were cute..... OOPS did I say that out loud, LMFAO.......

Anyways I love the finishes. Only thing i hated was that they didnt show the actual PC and were it is. Also I hate those arcade buttons. Every time I see them I think a Tekken Arcade machine is going to pop up. I do see why you used them though, they match 100% with the finish. Can I ask though, why didnt you kill the headunit. I think I recall you saying its digital and has no CD player, I have never seen that before. It is cool it has the little screen with the MAZDA logo, and the red background makes it look technologic. I wish my interior was bling bling like that. If I try to go that route it wont look OEM though, since everyone knows Dodge makes boring interiors, or at least on their trucks they do....