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AFKfest 2009 - Centrafuse 3 preview

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by , 09-01-2009 at 11:06 AM (4394 Views)

Rob Wray from mp3Car takes a look at Centrafuse 3.0 with Eric Brier. Eric shows how Centrafuse 3 is now much more modular than previous versions. The goal is to make Centrafuse more available to developers to expand the application that only a community can provide.

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Quote Originally Posted by DarquePervert View Post
Getting your pocket protector is sort of like getting patched into a biker gang: You have to earn it.
Once you get your pocket protector, it's like a rocker patch only. You're merely a prospect at that point. You have to wear it in the pocket of every shirt you own.
That t-shirt you wear in the shop when laying 'glass? Better sew a pocket on it or buy a new t-shirt!

Once you've proven your worth to the geek collective, you get our variation of of a "beat-in" to earn your slide rule. That includes taking a railgun up your wazoo in a all-night 30-on-1 Quake Deathmatch... That would be the original Quake with the NIN soundtrack...
Gotta keep it old school in honor of those geeks who have fallen before us.

After the "frag-in", we party like there's no tomorrow to honor a new geek inductee.
There's usually a Star Trek or Star Wars marathon on SpikeTV, we swap retainers and play Dungeons & Dragons in Brian's mom's basement until we pass out.

And when the slide rule is in your pocket protector, you will be expected to discuss quantum physics or theoretical mass dispersion rates of subatomic particles under the influeces of electromagnetic fields of varying intensities upon request. It's our version of a "secret handshake".

Crap... I've been watching waaaaaaaay too much "Gangland" on History Channel....
HEY, I never got my pocket protector . Although I do not wear shirts with pockets nor sleeves. Only my work shirts have sleeves and thats because I have no choice.
No, I coulnt have dne that buil because of the different networks but I was aware of it way before it was started. I actually built Tony Stewarts semi since he lives 45 min. from me.

As far as what I would have changed.......nothing. I have known all the guys that built that car for years and they are all as top notch as they come.

As far as in the inustry there are so many people I respect its hard to answer but a few would be Sam Horn, Wayne Harris and Matt Bogart. I bet you have never heard of those guys because they were originating all this before it was cool and have contributed more to the industry than I ever could.
Hehehehhe. Thanks.
Sometimes I get on a roll after my second cup o' joe.
When your brain moves faster than is necessary to accomplish the task at hand (grasp mug. lift mug to lips. tip mug. sip coffee slowly.),the unused portion goes pretty much wild. Sometimes funny and interesting stuff like that comes out.
Sometimes it's scary stuff.
And every once in a while I solve a problem that's been plaguing me while I'm writing an email or playing Wii...

Personally, I'm hoping you do make it all the way and earn that slide rule. I bet you know some top-shelf pinstripers that would go all Von Dutch on an old-school metal slide rule!

Seriously, Cabe, you really do amazing work. Anyone who isn't impressed has no clue about fabrication.
And there's something I have wanted to ask since you rolled up here.

I'm sure you're aware of Will Castro, UA and his show. I think every fabricator is aware (and quite probably jealous) be they professional or amateur.
They did one show a few years ago where they brought in other top fabricators and industry people to work on a hearse for NASCAR driver Tony Stewart: Steve Brown of Alpine, Gary Biggs of JBL and Dave "Fishman" Rivera from Metra.

Did they contact you about working this build?
Could you have even participated in it with your affiliation with PMR or Rock Da Boat or other TV ventures?

And the flip side...
Assuming you've seen their work & the final result, what would you have done differently if you were working on any portion of the build, if anything)?

In your career as a fabricator, who do you admire, respect, idolize, worship, respect or whatever in the industry?