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SEMA 2009 - Wireless Sensors

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by , 11-12-2009 at 12:45 PM (1708 Views)
Rob Wray from mp3Car takes a look at a wide array of wireless sensors for your car. These sensors can be daisy-chained over any type of serial stream. The sensors can transmit data over Wi-Fi to your iPhone or PC.

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Has anyone here ever got tech support from
I did year ago with no issues, but so far I haven't heard a work back from them since the 6th. I have e-mailed them twice since then with no reply.

I ordered a cheap Arduino mini to make a programmable circuit and bypass the DCDC-USB but I still feel sort of ripped off at the lack of support other then an automated acknowledgement.

FYI, I plan on making the Arduino an in-between on the ignition signal to the DCDC-USB. Such that I can tell the DCDC-USB to power off 5 seconds after the Arduino tells it, using the ignition signal for control. That way I can have my 24-hours of windows standby time, but still prevent a total battery drain.
Yes, that is a problem. I was thinking of writing a monitor app that changes parameters depending on shutdown/sleep but it seems the firmware wouldn't pulse the PSW when IGN turns on if Vout is already on. The only way so far that I've found is to bypass IGN and pulse the switch with my own PIC.
So the DCDC-USB is design only for PCs to go into hibernate mode, with no support for sleep mode, that is a big limitation in my book. And why make it script-able if the device kills the script when the ignition signal goes off (only supporting a "on" script). It also kills USB monitoring of the device while the ignition is off.

I built my entire car PC setup so that it can remain in sleep mode and consume less then 500mA. That way I could leave the PC in sleep mode and have almost instant on the next time I start the car, rather then 30 seconds to a minute to come out of hibernate mode.

Even the M1-ATX supported sleep mode, I have two of these lying around but the Acer Revo isn't ATX.

This seems like a obvious programming oversight, and not a hardware limitation. They released the source code for their windows software, but not for the actual PIC, too bad otherwise I could alter it myself.

If their support doesn't get back to me: my current solution is to make my own circuit to turn the PC on and off automatically and just run the DCDC-USB in UPS mode. Plus if I build my own circuit I can program it to be switch-able such that I can gas the car up without turning the PC off.