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Seal Shield Mobile Phone - CES 2010

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by , 01-10-2010 at 02:44 AM (2206 Views)

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Seal Shield offers a GSM phone that floats. It has a VHF radio with a 5 mile range built in, an external antenna port, allows data tethering, the phone is waterproof down to 1 atmosphere or 30 feet which means you could take a call underwater up to 3 feet. It has an 1800mamp battery, 3 times the capacity of a normal cell phone and it takes the standard Nokia battery. There is a dual SIM card so that you can travel worldwide and use the phone with any system. It has an external sd card so that you can add up to 8gb of memory There is an mp3Car player and you can play mp4s. There is a touchscreen, a 2 megapixel camera and a flashlight to see underwater. This is the first cell phone that also has VHF marine frequencies built into it.

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