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Visteon Haptic and Spacial Gesture Touchscreen - CES 2010

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by , 01-27-2010 at 05:48 PM (2408 Views)

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Visteon demos a new display at CES 2010. The display provides a dashboard and the screen uses Immersion's haptics technology to provide feedback. The screen uses gesture control via spatial recognition. You can pass your hand by the screen and move it. This gesture technology should go to market in 2013.

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Although the HVAC plugin was strictly a graphics demo, the underlying logic could be adapted to a functional plugin pretty quickly.

I think it's pretty likely that Pandora will eventually be released. They have a fairly stringent licensing program and a significant backlog of devices waiting for certification, so it's a little hard to say when.

In real-world daily use (but on Pandora's beta rather than production servers), the Pandora plugin is very stable. As is true of any streaming media source, how pleasent the user experience is will in large part be determined by the speed and reliability of the available in-car internet connection. Clear 4g here in Vegas is generally very good. Initial station loading on teatherd 3g is a bit slower, but playback is essentially identical.

For those unaware, Microsoft Auto is a set of VR, TTS and other technologies and frameworks riding on top of a base OS, in this case WinCE. The Kongatec prototype reference boards were a little rough in spots which made getting everything to work correctly a real challenge. Some long nights, but a lot of fun.

I'd kill for a pandora and hvac integration on centrafuse that they have there.

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Visteon is using an Intel reference design made by Kongatec for their vehicle computing system. One of their demo computers is using Centrafuse and Microsoft Automotive. Centrafuse has been customized in terms of graphics and plugins to demonstrate internet connectivity to access information such as traffic, weather and Pandora. The plugins are currently prototypes and not for sale.