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Onstar GMLan & CAN bus GPS hacking

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by , 12-28-2009 at 03:52 PM (4816 Views)
A clever engineer over at radioetcetera has released code to convert Onstar / GMLan bus to plain NMEA data. There is a little bit of work left to be done, but it looks like most of the heavy lifting has been completed. Why would you want to do this?
  • GM has put a great external GPS antenna in your car. Why do you need to buy another one?
  • It is fun weekend project and a great exhibit of your geek talent
  • Using an external GPS should give you much better reception

All someone needs to do is make a single wire CAN to RS-232 adapter and tweak the provided code to finish the project. The guys over at hack a day say Andy is having a baby and has to stop working on the project. Maybe some mp3car CAN gurus could pick this up? We might consider issuing an innovation grant if cash is an issue. Let the discussion begin!

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