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Habey Intel Mini PC Inside - CES 2010

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by , 02-02-2010 at 09:58 AM (4116 Views)

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Habey's mini pc is based on the menlo xl. The processor is low power and high performance. The box is roughly 20cm by 20cm and can be mounted on the back of the monitor or anywhere else. There is a 12v input, compact flash, sd and four com ports to control different environments. The box can stream and play 1080pd videos. This is an Intel and Habey project. It has everything you need for a home or car pc. Runs on 12 volt with VGA input or you can have a model with DVI output.

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Who's doing the interviewing and who's doing the talking? It's funny how the Habey Exec is holding the mic for his own interview.

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Bin Lin started on the mp3Car forums in 2003 and made his own board before joining Habey. He spent over 40 hours building his system for his Acura. Bin is excited about connectivity in the coming year and then the content that will result from the connectivity. The quality of the video will improve in the car. Bin first used his carpc to stream video so that he could see his son at home while driving in his car as well as send video from his car.