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Connected Car Project - CES 2010

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by , 02-03-2010 at 03:04 PM (1644 Views)

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The Automotive Electronic Committee has put together the connected car to show how to bring electronics in the car without distracting the driver. This vehicle shows the bleeding edge of aftermarket products. There are infrared cameras, a new hemi engine, new kicker speakers, Audiovox components and devices from PAC and Alpine. This vehicle would double the sticker price, somewhere near 70K.

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All of the gauges in the dash are user configurable and can be controlled on the dash, via the central console or via voice. There are Sync services in the vehicle and a new feature is the web browser via phone or WiFi, but you can only browse if you are in park. You can have RSS feeds read out to you with the RSS option. There are many USB ports and you can add a hub for more. You can bring your maps into the car via an sd card, and it is optional to buy the navigation.